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Panel One: Ethics of Neuroscience

Advances in the biological and neurosciences afford great potential to not only treat neurological and psychiatric conditions but also…


Background document to the O3 meeting

The premise of the meeting is that neuroscience research should be aligned with a set of ethically grounded goals for human development, health and well-being. This alignment drives the need for an integrated approach to a distinctive set of global problems.


Panel Two: Neuroscience of Ethics

Since the first fMRI study of ethics in Brazil in 2001, neuroscientists have published an increasing number of sophisticated experiments on various aspects of moral judgments, decisions, and emotions. However, almost all of these studies have drawn their subjects from WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic) countries.


Meeting – Our Brain, Our World, Ourselves: O3

Key goals of the meeting: Demonstrate that ethics is a vital component of neuroscience research and innovation in a global context; Identify and specify the key research themes/topics for global neuroscience ethics.


NIH RIF: Guidance for Opportunities in Neuroethics

Input from researchers, academic institutions, professional societies and other stakeholders issolicited on potential topics to explore where the BRAIN Initiative might invest resources in the area of neuroethics, particularly pertaining to emerging neurotechnologies.


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